Cater for funeral
Give your loved ones a proper send-off without having to worry
about funeral expenses.

What is the Transition Plus Plan?

This is an insurance cover that provides a lump-sum payment to meet funeral expenses in the event of the death of the life assured.
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  • Affordable premiums.
  • Prompt payout: Claims are paid within 48 hours of reporting a claim.
  • Cashback: This is paid every 3 years if the policy is still in force. After every third year, the policyholder gets 10% of premiums paid.
  • No waiting (probationary) period for accidental death.

This cover offers the following benefits:

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How do I apply?

The Policyholder will choose the cover level from pre-determined levels ranging from GHS 5,000 to GHS 70,000. The life cover for children under 15 years of age is 50% of their parent’s sum insured up to a maximum of GHS 20,000. The life cover for children between 15 - 20 years of age is 50% of the sum insured of the Policyholder up to a maximum of GHS 25,000. The selected cover for parents and parents-in-law with ages between 70 – 75 years is a maximum sum assured of GHS 40,000 and for ages between 75 – 80 years a maximum sum assured of GHS 20,000

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Want to know more about the Transition Plus Plan?The questions below will offer more insight into the product:

    Loss of life as a result of the following is not covered:

    • Nuclear activity or radioactivity
    • Wilful exposure to danger by the life insured except in an attempt to save human life
    • War, enemy hostilities, revolutions or the usurping of power
    • Suicide in the first 24 months
    • Execution of a judicial sentence of death
    • A life insured traveling in an aircraft other than as a fare-paying passenger

    The following family members can be covered under the policy:

    • Main life
    • Spouse
    • Children (legally adopted children included)
    • Parents
    • Parents-in-law

    No. A medical test is not required.

    There will be a waiting period of 12 months for death due to natural causes for parents and parents-in-law. All other lives insured have 6 months waiting period. There is no waiting period when death is due to an accident.

    The Policyholder has the right to cancel this policy within 30 days of commencement (cool off). All premiums paid will be returned provided that no insured event has happened within this period. After the cool-off period the Policyholder may still give notice to cancel the policy, but no premiums will be returned.

    The policy becomes null and void when:

    • All the lives insured are lost
    • No premium is paid at end of the 120 days grace period
    • The policyholder requests to have it terminated