Stay protected
during transit
Traveling in commercial vehicles is a daily activity for most of us
despite the risks that accompany it.

What is Just Cover?

This is an insurance product that offers payment to insured persons who might get involved in an accident while travelling across Ghana using commercial vehicles.
What's in it for you?
  • Reimbursement for hospitalization expenses due to injury suffered during travel.
  • Daily hospitalization allowance
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How does it work?

This policy is designed to provide compensation to insured locals and foreigners while onboard an intercity commercial vehicle within Ghana on a single trip.

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Want to know more about Just Cover?The questions below will offer more insight into the cover?

    The policy is active for the period it would take you to travel intercity within Ghana on a single trip.

    The policy becomes null and void once the insured disembarks from the vehicle upon reaching their destination.