Term Assurance

It is designed to provide cover to the life assured’s beneficiary or estate, in case of the unfortunate demise of the life assured within a specified term. The policy has a minimum term of is 5 years and a maximum term is 25 years. 

Scope of the Cover

  • Death of the policyholder
  • Temporal and Permanent disability


  • A sum assured ranging from GHS50,000 to GHS1million would be paid to the policyholder’s beneficiary after death
  • 50% of sum assured paid to beneficiary or policyholder in event of permanent or temporal disability.



  • Total disability. Temporary disability. Disability shall be presumed to be temporary when the insured, as a result of accidental bodily injury, is incapable of engaging or giving attention to their occupation for no less than three consecutive months.
  • Death as a result of an injury sustained or sudden ailment during the period of coverage.


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Term Assurance