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What is Group Life Assurance?

Our Group Life Assurance plan helps compensate your employees’ dependants when your employees lose their income due to death or disability.
What's in it for you?
  • Death Benefit: Payable in the event of the death of the employee via natural causes or accidents. The benefit payable is 100% of the sum Assured.
  • Permanent Total Disability: Payable in the event that one becomes totally and permanently disabled by accident such that the member is never likely to engage in his own occupation, or similar occupation for which he or she is suitably fitted.
  • Temporary Permanent Disability: Payable in the event that an employee is unable to attend to work only for a period as a result of accidental injury that renders the employee disabled during that period. This benefit is paid as a replacement for lost income.

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How does it work?

Step 1: Call the number Business Development Officer.

Step 2: The BD officer will run a quotation in relation to the sum assured by the client.

Step 3: Complete the application form.

Step 4: Provide required documentation

Step 5: Make premium payment

Below is a step by step process on how to apply:

A consultant explains the benefits of a life assurance policy to an employer.


Find what you are looking for? Give us a call and our representatives will get you started with the application process.

Want to know more about Group Life Assurance?The questions below should shed more insight into the product.
    • Medical Reimbursement: Payable to indemnify the employee from expenses incurred after an accident occurs. It covers the costs associated with the hospital treatment up to a maximum of 10% of sum assured.
    • Critical Illness Benefit: Payable in the event of the Member contracting a critical disease. The benefit payable is 50% of the sum assured under Group Life Death/PTD benefits.

    No claim for a benefit under this policy will be admitted by the insurer if death or disability rises indirectly from:

    1. War or invasion of any kind
    2. Active participation in mutiny, riots, and strikes
    3. Intentional self-injury or suicide
    4. Alcohol or drug abuse
    5. Medical or surgical treatment
    6. Participation in any hazardous sport such as bungee jumping
    7. Racing in a motorcycle or vehicle