Group Life Assurance

We offer you the best packages for your employee benefits so you will remain the employer of choice in your industry; attracting and retaining best talents in the market and continue to stay ahead of your competitors.

Our massive financial strength guarantees the highest level of protection at claims payment, we offer you peace of mind to concentrate solely on your business and leave risk to us and ultimately, we enhance the welfare of your employees; empowering them to be motivated and produce optimum output.

  •  Death Benefit: Payable in the event of the death of the employee; natural or accidental. The Sum assured is normally calculated as 1x, 2x or 3x multiple of the employee’s annual salary or a stated benefit. Benefit payable is 100% of the sum Assured.
  •  Permanent Total Disability: Payable in the event that one becomes totally and permanently disabled by accident such that the member is never likely to engage in his own occupation, or similar occupation for which he or she is suitably fitted by his or her knowledge, training, experience or ability. Benefit payable is 100% of Sum Assured.
  •  Temporary Permanent Disability: Payable in the event that an employee is unable to attend to work only for a period as a result of accidental injury that renders the employee disabled during that period. This benefit is paid as replacement for loss income.  Benefit payable is a percentage of Sum Assured paid on weekly basis up to a maximum of 52 weeks.
  •  Medical Reimbursement: payable to indemnify the employee from expenses incurred by an employee in an accident and covers the costs associated with the hospital treatment up to a maximum of 10% of sum assured.

 Optional Riders can be offered to cover various other risk events with premium cost implications.

  •  Critical Illness Benefit: Payable in the event of the Member contracting a disease or requiring treatment qualifying as Critical Illness such as Heart Attack, Coronary Artery Disease surgery, Cancer, Stroke, Kidney Failure. The benefit payable is 50% of the sum assured under Group Life Death/PTD benefits.


Our Group Welfare scheme is designed for Employers, Unions and Associations to make provision for their members in the event of Funerals or other joyous celebrations like weddings and Naming Ceremonies.

  • Group Funeral: The Group Funeral benefit is a scheme that insures liabilities of the members in the likely event of death of a member. In addition to members’ the policy covers, spouses, children, parents and parent in-laws. A mix of these defined lives or all are coverable. This includes, donation to the family, transport arrangement and refreshment for other staff members
  •  Event Contributions: The benefit is payable in events such as weddings and child naming. This is to ensure that as a Group, we make a stated benefit pay-out when a member takes that joyous step which leads to a new chapter in their lives

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Group Life Assurance