Old Mutual Launches Innovative’ First Responder’ Local Travel Accident Policy That Allows Subscribers to Apply for Cover Through WhatsApp

In December 2019, Old Mutual Life Assurance, a major player in the insurance industry in Ghana introduced a ground-breaking and first of its kind distribution channel to the Ghanaian market where customers can buy and pay for local inter-city travel insurance on WhatsApp – JustCover. 

Over the years, digital penetration has grown with most Ghanaians leveraging on the availability of platforms such as WhatsApp as their main channel of communication. The launch of an insurance product on the WhatsApp platform has come at a time when insurance awareness is growing, there is a growing campaign on road safety and customers wanting convenience and ease with which they can purchase goods and services.

At Old Mutual, we believe the use of technology is a vital part of the future of insurance and we are excited that Old Mutual Ghana is showing the way not only in Ghana or Africa but across the world with a fully integrated payment system as part of its WhatsApp Insurance solution.

JustCover is an ‘on-demand’ travel accident policy that provides pay as you go cover for individual road journeys from city to city in Ghana by public transport. Uniquely, the entire application and claims processes can be managed simply and conveniently through the WhatsApp Messenger App. 

Users are given emergency cash as soon as Old Mutual is notified of an accident within 48 hours to help pay for urgently required medical attention. This is why it is called ‘first responder insurance.’

Statistics from the National Road Safety Commission show that four people die daily on Ghanaian roads due to road accidents.

Besides, estimates show that Ghana loses over 230 million dollars yearly due to road accidents with more than 1600 deaths. For a company that is passionate about the communities we operate in this is grim news.

Old Mutual believes that what is needed is an insurance policy that is simple to apply for and claim on – no long forms or waiting times, whether someone is about to travel or needs to claim they should be able to manage their cover without any hustle or delay. This is why Old Mutual is using the WhatsApp platform as it is the most used messenger app in Africa.

To purchase your Local Travel Insurance through WhatsApp, simply save the number 0242426455, send “hi” to the number on WhatsApp, answer a few questions and you are covered.  In effect, we are using the technology of WhatsApp to provide ‘on-demand’ pay as you go insurance that is anytime and anywhere.

The JustCover provides customers with benefits that extend beyond the insurance cover. The platform seeks to fill a social need, which is: the all too common tragedy of our inability to identify victims in the event of an accident.

Once you board a bus and buy the cover and an accident occurs, we possess the capability to generate a manifest of JustCover passengers. Once notified of an accident, our community support agents will immediately begin contacting emergency services and loved ones to alert them and check on potential victims to make sure they are fine.

This innovative service is unique to Old Mutual and we are proud to be able to offer it as a part of every JustCover insurance policy.

The Insurance Act prescribes that once a car is insured, its occupants by extension are also guaranteed unlimited medical expenses in the event of an accident.

However, after an accident, passengers who are injured need to foot their own bills or rely on relatives to come to their rescue. It is a daunting task getting help from the Insurance Company in the immediate aftermath of an accident.

Passengers sometimes lose their lives or limbs when critical first aid is not delivered because of the unavailability of money to pay for their treatment.

JustCover passengers will also can rate the driver at the end of each journey.

Road Safety is a shared responsibility and at Old Mutual, we believe strongly that passengers are an integral piece within the Road Safety stakeholder group.

Old Mutual Launches Innovative’ First Responder’ Local Travel Accident Policy That Allows Subscribers to Apply for Cover Through WhatsApp